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Cranky Sam embraces Missoula’s vibrant history, from its very name to the intriguing legend of the “Hidden Lady.” Entering Cranky Sam’s is like stepping directly into a part of the past. 

“Owners Jennifer and Jed Heggen stumbled upon the name for their new venture amid the discovery of fascinating artifacts like old bottles and glassware, showcasing the influence of Chinese immigrants who once frequented the area. The lore surrounding a local figure dubbed “Cranky Sam” ultimately inspired the name of their establishment.

Amidst the renovations, the Heggens also encountered tales of a hidden painting—a nude portrait of a lady—rumored to be concealed within the building’s walls by previous occupants, gradually fading into obscurity over time.” – Mark Thome

Alas, the lady was found and remains a historic staple to be viewed in the pub.



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