Jennifer Heggan

General Manager & Queen of the Pub

About Jenn:

After owning and operating mattress and furniture stores throughout the Northwest, Jenn decided to pursue her passion for the culinary arts at the Big Sky Culinary Institute. Supporting her partner’s hobby of brewing, Jenn took the reigns of Cranky Sam and is forging ahead with restaurant plans in 2023 attached to the Pub. Her love of wine has encouraged her to become a sommelier in order to enhance her love of professional cooking as well as bring in a well-rounded establishment to Missoula along with a future fine-dining experience.

Hunter Benz

Tap Room Manager & Master of Ops

About Hunter:

Hunter became a valued member of the team in May 2023 upon his return to Missoula. At the pub, you’ll often spot him either diligently working on his laptop or lending a hand on the floor. Beyond his professional duties, Hunter maintains an active lifestyle, indulging in activities such as biking, swimming, and snowboarding. On days when outdoor ventures aren’t feasible, you’ll find him immersed in his indoor hobbies, whether it’s drumming, experimenting in the kitchen, or utilizing his Sommelier certification to explore the world of wine.

Timmy Evon

Head Brewer & Mad Scientist

About Timmy:

Timmy started his brewing career while working as a guide in the beautiful but beer-sparse deserts of Southern Utah. Disappointed at the lack of options for microbrews, he began homebrewing in the garage with his friends; a hobby which would soon lead to a job at the famous Beer Nut in Salt Lake City and his first professional gig at the Bohemian Brewery making authentic Czech lagers. After attending the prestigious Siebel Institute’s World Brewing Academy, Timmy took a job with Dry Dock Brewing Co in Colorado and soon became Head Brewer, winning multiple awards at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. After a stint in Germany, Timmy returned to the States and moved to Montana to help build Cranky Sam Brewing. When he’s not brewing you’ll find him seeking transcendent experiences in the mountains with his pup, reading philosophy, and exploring the culinary arts.

Robert Rink

Beer Salesman or “Sassy Suds Slinger”

About Robert:

Rob started his journey with Cranky Sam one month after we opened. He is currently a Taproom Shift Lead Supervisor and you might see him around town promoting Cranky’s beer as our Outside Sales Rep. Before moving here in 2019, Rob had originally followed his passion in sports by working in the Sport industry until he decided to follow another passion, BEER! In his off time he enjoys spending time with his finance Karlee, watching a variety of sports, going on adventures with his two dogs (Thor & Peaches) and spending time with his family in Seattle and Alaska. Rob has a goal of visiting every brewery in the state of Montana and is already over half way there! Rob’s favorite Cranky beer is our seasonal Bluebird Day IPA as it has just the right mount of hop-forward fruitiness and bitterness.


The Head Chef of All Bartenders

About Yoz:

Embarking on his journey in the service industry at the age of 21 in Richmond, VA, he swiftly found his calling in creating inviting environments where guests could savor expertly crafted cocktails. Transitioning away from corporate establishments, he immersed himself in the world of mixology at a family-owned Thai restaurant, absorbing knowledge from experienced bartenders and extensive reading. With each endeavor, he embraced lessons learned, seizing opportunities to expand his expertise, including spearheading the opening of a cocktail space within a private social club. His journey took him to North Carolina, where he grasped the significance of education in bar management. Entrusted with opening a third location in Durham, he continued to excel in the industry. Now in Missoula, initially to lend a hand on his family’s ranch, he has discovered a new platform to showcase his passion and provide unforgettable experiences, one cocktail at a time.

Mike Richardson

Events Coordinator & Party Commando

About Mike:

Mike has been at the brewery since day one and loves helping create a lively atmosphere. As Event Coordinator, finding ways to build community and connection is a passion he is proud to bring to Cranky Sam. Since moving to Missoula in 2007 for school, Mike hasn’t lost touch with his Midwest roots (or accent). Though from Minnesota, Mike was blessed to grow up a Packer fan and religiously watches every game. Throughout the year you’ll find him on his skis and paddleboard, hunkering down with some board games and crossword puzzles, or playing volleyball and soccer every chance he gets. Mike’s beer taste trends toward the rich and malty (Dopplebock, Golden Stout), but he loves a good IPA or Mexican Lager in the heat of summer. 

Jarrod Samaoang

Head Chef

About Jarrod:

Born and raised in Lahaina, Maui, Chef Jarrod embarked on his culinary journey, graduating from Culinary school in Orange County, California in 2009. With the passion of cooking deeply ingrained within him, he starting his professional career at Coyote Grill, his family’s restaurant located in Laguna Beach, CA. Following his tenure at Coyote Grill, Chef Jarrod joined a prominent restaurant group where he played a pivotal role in the establishment of two thriving restaurants in Southern California within a span of just five years. Drawing upon his rich experiences and expertise garnered over 19 years in the restaurant industry, Chef Jarrod’s culinary philosophy revolves around sourcing the finest ingredients from local farms and small businesses, and seamlessly integrating them into his distinct style of Pacific Fusion Cuisine. Always innovating and creating a new dishes with new flavors, you will find a familiar yet unique selection on our menu at Cranky Sam Public House.

Mark Lamoreux

Owner & Master of Odd Jobs

About Mark:

Mark was very fortunate to become a partner here at Cranky Sam. Mark does a little bit of anything and everything both in the front of the house and the back. He enjoys the role of being a host on busy nights and being able to interact with all of our wonderful Cranksters. Mark always had a passion for craft beer and jumped at the chance to become a part owner when approached by the Heggens. After graduating from MSU, he became a technician for the US geological survey where he captured and radio collared grizzlies for study before moving into a career in the sales of medical devices. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his son hunting and fishing. Mark’s favorite beer is the Tropical Blonde for its perfect refreshment.



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